Full Interview: Lucian Filip, Radburg’s Head of Sales and Marketing

Episode 13 of The Retreadcast welcomed Lucian Filip, the Head of Sales and Marketing at Radburg.

Lucian Filip Sheds Light on Radburg Expansion

This exclusive interview brought an insightful conversation with our very own David Wilson and Radburg’s Head of Sales & Marketing, Lucian Filip. Filip shed insight on the Romanian retreader’s plans to grow not only in the retreading industry, but also as a tyre collector and recycler across Europe and beyond.


00:00​​​ Introduction to Full Interview with Lucian Filip

1:05​​ The pandemic’s impact on Radburg’s expansion project progress

3:01​ Attainment of EU grant for expansion project

3:36​​​ Radburg responds to the growing presence of Chinese tyre manufacturers

5:00​ European expansion through Radburg’s retreading​ ​plant acquisition strategy

6:31​ Eye on the Prize — Radburg looks to grow presence in Export Markets

7:37​​ Radburg’s plans to expand product range

8:54​ Improving Tyre Collection capabilities across Europe

10:57​ Tyre Recycling’s central role in Radburg’s Tyre Collection network

12:17​​ Conclusion to Full Interview with Lucian Filip



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